Beyond the borders of Caserta

The province of Caserta is quite large and heterogeneous. This is reflected in the traditions, in the food and wine culture and in the ancient history of each territory. 

Nearby, however, there are areas that although not part of caserta have many similarities and are considered almost belonging to the Terra di Lavoro. Among these cities we find Sant’Agata de’ Goti. The town falls within the municipality of Benevento, but it is really a few steps from Caserta. 

Rich in historical monuments, thecity is divided into two parts: a modern one, built from the end of the nineteenth century and the other of Roman foundation, located on a tuff fortress.

The remaining municipal territory is mainly hilly and houses districts, farms and hamlets of various sizes, which arose from the Lombard era.

The waterways that cross the municipal territory are almost all torrential. The main ones are the river Isclero, a tributary of the Volturno, and the Riello and Martorano streams, which flow into the Isclero.

Very close is also Limatola, also in the province of Benevento, is located at the foot of a hill on whose summit stands the castle, guarding the course of the Volturno river.  Famous and characteristic are the Christmas markets that take place every year in the medieval castle.

Then there is Telese Terme, in Benevento. Known for its waters, it is home to numerous facilities to enjoy a relaxing day. On the Rio Grassano: river that originates in San Salvatore Telesino, on Mount Pugliano.  And on the Seneta Stream: a short river that originates from Mount Pugliano passes the town and flows into the Rio Grassano.  Lake Telese, on the other hand, was formed as a result of the earthquake of 1349 as well as the phenomenon of secondary volcanism that allowed the birth of the spas visited every year by millions of people. 

And then Cerreto Sannita, famous for its ceramics, Guardia Sanframondi and Pietrelcina, the birthplace of Padre Pio.  Beyond the Alto Casertano, however, we find those towns in the province of Latina that until a few decades ago were part of the Terra di Lavoro and therefore of the province of Caserta.  The ancient Minturnae, with its archaeological park and Gaeta, Formia and Sperlonga.

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